Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chalkboard Art

 I have been making quite a few of Chalkboard Signs for events. Here are some pictures of a few. 

 The above two I did for a wedding. The first one was the framed one I did on a chalkboard I made with sheet metal painted with chalkboard paint It is a magnet chalkboard. The instructions for making it are on a separate Blog post. Then the couple wanted one they could keep so I re-chalked it on a regular chalkboard unframed. I varnished it with a spray matt varnish so it will last for years. The father of the Bride made a frame for it.

 These are Hand painted Chalkboard Art for your wedding or special occasion. For your Anniversaries, Birthdays, Parties, or any saying just to hang on your wall. They are great for Family rooms or Home theatre rooms. Menus for your restaurant or Home Kitchen or special event.

This is actual chalkboard with chalk dust and all some chalk remainder marks with Chalkboard Paint on top. Gives it a semi permanent finish.

Chalk drawing may be approved via email before painting.

Finished product is UNFRAMED. Framing available but adds considerable amount to shipping.

Please tell me if you want a coat of Varnish sprayed on to make it a little more permanent.
Otherwise after the wedding you may wash off with Dry erase cleaner chemical and soft cloth.
Then you may use the chalkboard as normal.
Look at other listings for Magnetic ChalkBoards.

You may special order colors and different sizes if you wish.

Please allow four weeks for delivery.

These are made to order custom made and made from scratch. The chalkboard is hand painted with chalkboard paint and assembled upon order. Then hand lettered to your specifications. Shipping can take up to 10 days. Or you can pay extra for rush order and rush shipping.

Shipping is worst-case scenario if shipping is less will refund or make personal listing for you.

Live in the Washington DC area? you may pick this up at our Virginia Location. Shipping will be free if you pick up your plaque.

 These can be special ordered from my website. watermelonstand.com. 
They range from $30 to $100. Plus shipping.

  I have reused the eagle scout one twice by just erasing the names.
I have been working on a wall in my house too. It is a work in progress. I had one of those small walls at the end of the kitchen beside the refrigerator. A friend always told me ever since the first time she saw my house, "This is the perfect wall for a chalkboard wall." But I never wanted the kids scribbles on that wall since it is such a prominent wall. You have to look at it when you are in the family room come in the back door or leave the dining area or enter the kitchen. Gosh you must look at it 50 times a day at the very least. So I wanted it to be pretty, cute or stylish. For years I had an old picture frame with black and white family photos.
I am happy with the results and plan on changing it seasonally. I have not put the white chalk paint on it yet to semi-finalize it yet. So what you see is all chalk.

Consequently I have redone the lower 4 feet three or four times (okay on my sixth time now)because my three year old licks his fingers and erases it and licks his fingers. Yes he eats chalk whenever we aren't looking. He loves to draw with chalk but after awhile you notice him eating it. Mr. Destructobaby, I redid the design on the lower half twice yesterday. He found the chalk marker when I was starting to redo it the other day as shown in the one picture.  It was super hard to get a photo that he was not dancing in front of the wall or wizzing by with his truck. I will get the tripod out and take a better picture after I finish it.It currently is blank on the lower half.

Happy Crafting